response to the COVID-19 lockdown

In response to the COVID-19 lockdown CIM has created an unprecedented opportunity for Australian Resident Students to receive scholarships of up to 90% for commencing their three year Bachelor of Business Program EVEN NOW IN 2020 starting on-line 20 April, 2020 (returning to in-class once the lockdown is lifted). CIM is offering 4 Majors (6 Double Major options) in three years:



Information Systems

Hospitality Management

This is an unprecedented one-time-only offer for individuals who meet the criteria and submit their application before 15 April, 2020. Advantages of doing your Bachelor of Business Degree with CIM:

Substantial Savings, Scholarships means no loans to re-pay later

SCHOLARSHIPS up to 90% subject to meeting admission criteria

NOT TOO LATE: Start Semester 1 on 20 April 2020 and graduate in late 2022

Option to get credits transferrable to other Accredited Universities/ Higher education providers

Canterbury Group providing Accredited Education Programs for over 20 Years

New CIM Campus conveniently located in North Sydney

Easy options for a Double Major after successful completion of first year

Scholarships and Fees

Per Course Fees Total Program Full Scholarship % Total Fees After Scholarship Fees per subject after Scholarship Fees Per Semester Based on 4 Subjects per Semester
$ 1750 $ 42000 90% $ 4200 $ 175 $ 700
$ 1750 $ 42000 75% $ 10500 $ 437.50 $ 1750
$ 1750 $ 42000 60% $ 16800 $700 $ 2800

*Please note: No HECS is available on above scholarship program

How to apply:

Apply Online (You can start with application save it and Finish later to submit:

NOTE: To be eligible for a scholarship we must receive your application before 14 April, 2020 11:59pm.
Limited number of Scholarships so apply asap!

Eligibility and Scholarship Criteria: (each application will be reviewed and scholarships allocated by the CIM Academic Board)

  • ATAR
  • Marks achieved in HSC
  • Essay (2 short essays from a selection of 8 questions)
  • Interview (via skype/Zoom)
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