Learning Support

The Institute understands that the transition to higher education can be challenging, and so it provides personalised learning support to assist students through this change. This includes support with:

  • Planning assignments
  • Academic writing
  • English language
  • Mathematics
  • Group work
  • Research

During their first year of study, all students complete six online foundational modules to assist them to develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the first year of their degree program.

The Institute seeks to ensure that disability or illness is no obstacle to accessing education. Student Support Officers will assist students to request adjustments to course requirements to ensure that every student can fully participate in all learning experiences.

Students who require learning support can contact a Student Support Officer.


AI technology at CIM

CIM recognises the significance, potential and the value of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. CIM supports ethical and responsible use of AI in teaching and learning activities.

Guide for Students
CIM remains committed to the values of academic integrity. At CIM, you must submit your own work for assessments. If your course permits the use of AI (always check your course outline whether you are permitted to use AI), make sure to properly cite and ensure that your submission is substantially your own work.
If the use of AI is not permitted in a course or assessment, please follow the course outline. Unauthorised use of AI will be penalised.

How does CIM detect the use of AI in assessments?
CIM uses Turnitin AI detection tool to detect the use of AI in assessments submitted via eLearning. It is like the Turnitin Similarity tool.

What happens if unauthorised use of AI is detected?
If your Course Lecturer detects that you have used AI tool without authorisation, you will receive an email from the Academic Integrity Manager with the details of the alleged use of AI and the Turnitin AI detection report. You may be asked to submit draft versions of your assessment or attend a meeting with the Course Lecturer, Program Director and the Academic Integrity Manager.

Implications of using AI without authorisation
Penalties apply if you use AI tools in your assessment when it is prohibited. The penalties may include a mark of zero for the assessment item, zero for the course, exclusion for a specified period of time or termination from study and, the case of an international student, the cancellation of the student’s CoE. All cases of proven academic misconduct will be recorded in CIM’s Academic Misconduct Register.