Adj Assoc Prof Chioatto has an unparalleled background in business but with academic credentials. I am currently adjunct associate professor of law at Western Sydney University and the executive director of SSAMM Management Consulting.

His most recent role as Executive Director and Head of Research for Australia and New Zealand at Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) was based on my significant depth of experience of the local equities market extending into south East Asia. I oversaw ‘thought leading’ research for ASX 300 companies, AGM’s.

In this market leading role, he met with and intensively engaged with the Chairmen of Australia’s leading companies’ and their boards’. We discussed their company’s financial performance, their performance and how they were addressing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk under the Corporate Governance umbrella.

Adj Assoc Prof Chioatto has made strong and lasting connections with Australia’s leading business leaders from this opportunity and maintain an un-unrivalled network both in the business and tertiary education worlds.

Adj Assoc Prof Chioatto has contributed to public policy on corporate governance working with ASIC, Treasury, ASX, CAMAC and Chartered Secretaires (now the Governance Institute). Adj Assoc Prof Chioatto responds frequently to media request on expert views on regulatory issues facing the Australian market in “The Australian Financial Review” and “Company Director” (AICD Journal) and others.

Adj Assoc Prof Chioatto has two law degrees and two business management degrees including a doctoral degree together with specialist knowledge and experience in regulation of investment and financial markets gained in over 16 years of high end consultancies to regulators and financial market participants who are listed on the major world markets including NYSE, TSX, SWX, Nikkei, ASX, FSTE and Paris Stock Exchanges.