Prof Mitchell was awarded her PhD in 2008 from the University of Sydney. Her research interests lie in organisational behaviour, including team dynamics, leadership and social identity in organizations. As an early career researcher, Rebecca has had articles accepted for publication in internationally recognised journals including the Journal of Organizational Behaviour (A*), Human Resource Management (US) (ABDC A*), Human Relations (ABDC A*), Journal of Business Research (ABDC A), Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (ABDC A), International Journal of Human Resource Management (ABDC A) and Small Group Research (ABDC A). She has also published in healthcare management, with articles accepted for publication in Health Care Management Review (ABDC A), Journal of Advanced Nursing (ERA A*), Medical Care Research and Review and International Journal of Nursing Studies (ERA A*).

Overall, more than half of Rebecca’s research outputs are ranked A or A* (Australian Business Deans Council, UK ABS or ERA 2010 list). She has presented more than 30 papers at international conferences including the US and British Academy of Management and is a full professional member of the European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology and the US Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Rebecca works with a number of national and international collaborators. She works closely with Hunter New England Local Health District and has a strong connection with the Royal College of Surgeons.

Reflecting the quality of the publications that Rebecca has produced, her academic manuscripts on organisational behaviour and health services management have been recognised internationally, through high-level awards. In 2014, she won the British Academy of Management Best Paper in Strategic Management and, in 2012, the Best Paper Award in Organisational Psychology. She was finalist for the US Academy of Management’s Newman Award in 2008, which is the Academy’s highest honour for a sole-authored paper based on a dissertation. In 2008, she also won the US Academy of Management Best Paper Award in Organizational Behaviour and the Irish Academy of Management Best Paper Award. In 2009, Rebecca was awarded the Best Paper Award in Knowledge and Learning from the British Academy of Management and received the Outstanding Reviewer Award in Organizational Psychology. In 2011, Rebecca was awarded the Irish Academy of Management Best Paper Award. This provides strong evidence of the international value of Dr Mitchell’s research outputs and recognition of research excellence.

Rebecca has successfully supervised a number of doctoral students to completion. Many of her students have published in top-tiered journals, indicating the effectiveness of her supervisory approach.

In addition to her academic experience, Dr Mitchell’s worked in the Australian and Irish public sector, as a senior policy advisor. She has worked as State representative on several Council of Australian Government (COAG) working parties and has developed health, community and social services policy at a state and national level. She also worked as State representative on the Council of Australian Government’s Working Group on Health Reform. This provides sound evidence of her ability to understanding issues of significant national importance, particularly in healthcare, and the capacity to undertake research that spans bridges academic research with policy and practice.