Entry Requirements-Mature aged Students

The Institute provides the following alternative admission pathway into the Bachelor of Business program for applicants who do not meet the academic admission requirements specified above:

  • Mature aged applicants who are 21 years or over and who do not qualify for admission on the basis of formal educational attainment alone, may apply for admission as Mature Aged Applicants.
  • The Institute recognises that preparation for tertiary study is not restricted to formal educational attainment and that valuable intellectual and skills development can be gained through wide ranging experiences and informal study. Each applicant’s case will be considered on its merits on the basis of evidence of achievement and of their interest in and capacity to work in the broad field of their chosen field of further study.
  • To be considered under the Mature Aged Admission category, an applicant must be 21 years of age or over by 1 January (for February entry) or by 1 June (for July entry) in the year of commencement of their proposed program. An application in this category will be considered for admission based on an assessment of work experience and personal competencies. The applicants should ensure that the following information (where relevant) is included in their application:
    • details of formal education including level reached, state/country, year, subjects and results;
    • details of other study, training or development courses attempted or completed since leaving school;
    • work experience;
    • details and proof of membership and affiliations with recognised professional and semi-professional bodies.