Where success begins!

Hosting students from across South Asia and Southeast Asia, and steadily diving into newer markets via its expanding agent network and social media platforms to boost exposure, CIM already boasts of a tremendous campus presence, along with state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities. With 4 campuses located in the city of high skyscrapers – Sydney, the city of Darwin, and the city of Melbourne, CIM has suitable, custom-build learning and teaching facilities for students and staff at all of its campuses. Readily available student-focused facilities such as an eLearning platform (Customized Moodle), on-campus computer labs and Wi-fi enabled campus buildings, encourage creativity and support learning, always keeping technological aspects of learning at the forefront.

CIM is also a hotspot of customized policies, which are designed to ensure that faculty and students interact on a regular basis. The Academic staff act as mentors throughout the students’ learning journey at CIM, serving the requirement of always being available for student consultation throughout the teaching term and during examination time. Students who require consultation outside the normal class hours, make an appointment through the Student Support Manager to discuss their special requirement with the Program Director and/or Campus Director & Dean. And, for students who may need independent help related to their studies, CIM Student Association offers a student advocacy service, where the association is able to assist with a range of academic, administrative and welfare related student issues.

All in all, being that place where industry-academia relationships helps students in completing their study followed by seeking internships/ placements that might lead to successful careers, CIM truly believes in the transforming power of connecting education and industry. CIM Governing Council, Academic Board and operational teams completely understand modern industry expectations of job-ready and rounded graduates, and thus industry immersive focus is inbuilt in all programs along with in-built collaboration with industry ensuring an agile curriculum, reflecting industry needs with real world relevance. Lastly, as CIM is an essential part of the ecosystem which determines progress and advancement of society – which includes students, people, industry, businesses, governments, and communities, at CIM the whole management is committed to society by producing capable and confident graduates who do not just possess skills and qualifications but are equipped to lead industry of the future.